Country Subscription

Unlimited calls to your favorite country!

If you pay with Credit Card or Paypal and have the ‘Automatic Recharge’ setting enabled, Your account might be ready for Monthly Subscriptions.

With this subscription you can call landline and/or mobile phone numbers from the selected country for a small monthly fee.

How to get this subscription?


Make sure ‘Automatic Recharge’ is enabled for your account.

You can enable this setting when buying credits using your credit card or Paypal account.


Log in to your online account and check if a subscription of your favorite country is available.

Select credit amount

All amounts
€ 10.00
€ 25.00

If the subscription is not shown yet, you will be notified once it is available.


Select the country and complete your payment

Total cost:
Unlimited calls to: United States

For only € 2.00 per month.

(incl. fees and taxes)

The amount shown is incl. fees and taxes and will automatically be debited from your credit card/Paypal account on a monthly basis.


You can manage your subscription in your online account

Subscriptions: 1 active

NetAppel accepte tous les modes de paiement principaux. Click here to find out which one suits you best.

* Maximum de 300 minutes par semaine d'appels gratuits, mesuré sur les 7 derniers jours. Les minutes gratuites non utilisées ne peuvent êtres reportées a la (aux) semaine(s) suivante(s). Si la limite est dépassée, le tarif normal sera appliqué. Avec vos FREE DAYS vous pouvez appeler gratuitement toutes les destinations listées gratuites ! Quand vous n'avez plu de FREE DAYS, le tarif normal est appliqué. Vous pouvez obtenir de nouveaux FREE DAYS en achetant du crédit.